According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 95 out of 100 new hires exaggerated to get their job. If you haven’t hired an outsourced staffing solutions company like Hire EQ, two out of three new hires will disappoint you. This could have been avoided by correcting a few mistakes.

•Relying solely on interviews

A study done by the University of Michigan showed that the, “So tell me about yourself,” type of job interviews only lead to the right candidate 52% of the time. Interviews are typically used to evaluate the chemistry between the candidate and interviewer. That is valuable, but in order to really see how an employee will perform, a structured interview with valuable questions must be used.

•Assuming all good workers have the same characteristics

It makes sense that you would want to hire employees who are just like your best performing employee. However, it’s impossible to determine someone’s potential for success by viewingtheir characteristics. Find someone who has worked for success in the past.

•Assuming you know what skills are necessary.

Personality tests are only useful for training or self-awareness, not for hiring. The only way to predict success is through a skills-based or job-knowledge test that has been confirmed with reliable research.

•Not doing a careful background check

Failing to check a candidate’s employment, education, and experience claims can cost you a lotof time and money. 33% of resumes leave out important information and 40% of all information on resumes is misleading or untrue.

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