The purpose of an employee satisfaction survey is to find out what your employees are pleased with, what they are concerned about, and what is important to them. But what good are the results if you cannot interpret them? You have to understand the answers in order to make the necessary changes.

First of all, the survey should be short and to the point. Your employees will be less likely to fill out a long diluted survey. It is best to ask specific questions and save an overview question for last, such as, “Overall, how satisfied are you with your job?” Then, to see which other questions matter the most, find the averages that closely relate to the general question. The questions that matter the least may be the questions that not everyone answers.

It is easier to correlate answers on surveys with a small number of questions. By seeing what is most important to you employees, you can work to improve those aspects. Do not try to provide a full improvement on a specific area that isn’t important to your employees. You want to achieve a high score on the important issues.

It is important to keep your employees satisfied and confident that you care about their satisfaction. Strive to improve the important aspects first, and work on the less important aspects when you and your employees are satisfied.


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