While it is important to speak kindly and clearly to possible employees, it is also important to maintain good relationships with existing employees.

It’s always difficult to give criticism, especially to loyal and hardworking employees. However, sometimes it is necessary to let the employee know that a mistake was made and it needs to be corrected. You want the employee to understand that you aren’t criticizing them to belittle them or ruin their day. There is a way to criticize that lets the employee know that you have a good reason why you are approaching them and that you are simply addressing the problem.

The goal is to bring the issue to the employee’s attention, express your opinions and feelings about it, while letting them know that you still value them. If this is done correctly, you will create a better employee and have a better relationship with them. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Explain to the employee before you give the criticism that you care about them and value their input.
  • Simply criticize the incident, not the employee. Do not make it too personal. Everyone will make mistakes and they need to know they aren’t expected to be perfect.
  • Approach the employee privately. You don’t want to cause embarrassment or make them think you don’t respect them.
  • If they have acknowledged that they were not aware they made a mistake, let them save face. You have criticized them to correct the behavior, not to humiliate or demean them.

If a criticism is done incorrectly, it will seem like a personal attack simply to embarrass or anger the employee. When it is done properly, the employee will realize their mistake, appreciate your consideration, and improve their future decisions.


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