In a study released in 2010, Morgan Stanley predicted that Smartphones would eclipse PC shipments within just two years. Consumers are increasingly more interested in utilizing portable, mobile Internet technology than they are in using older, bulkier, technologies like laptops and (dare we say) desktops.

How much of our planet does not have a mobile phone within an arm’s reach 24/7?  A mere 9%!  That’s right.  Morgan Stanley’s study also concluded that for 91% of adults, our cell phones are the last things we look at before we go to sleep and one of the first things we see when we wake up.

For HR departments and recruiters, these statistics are drastically shifting the way they recruit, scout talent, and advertise openings.  In fact, claims to have seen mobile traffic double in the past year, with numbers continuing to rise.

So, what was wrong with the “old” way of doing things?  You know, posting jobs, waiting for qualified applicants, maybe advertising key positions or going to a trade show or two?  Well, nothing.  Plenty of jobs were found and filled that way.  But, as more people are depending on their smart phones as a primary channel for news, connectivity and general life management, it only makes sense that employers would find a way to use those little devices for finding and reaching talent through a medium which appeals to the majority of job hunters.

Mobile recruiting allows an employer or recruiter to…

Engage the next generation says that tomorrow’s workforce is “…increasingly expecting communications through their mobile phones.  As such, mobile recruiting presents a tremendous opportunity for employers to engage and stay connected with the next generation.”  After all, progress is either the life or death of a business.  Keep up or get out.

Build up a contact list from anywhere

Say your recruiter is on a train.  He meets an interesting gal, good head on her shoulders, soon to be graduating and, yes, soon to be job hunting.  Said recruiter can add this new contact directly into your CRM system.  Now, within minutes, Ms. Eligible and Employable is added to the list.  The recruiter has already scoured LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for the raw bits on this gal before even reaching the next station.  Recruited, recorded, and networked in minutes.

Instantly measure job interest

Click throughs, shares, views, and responses.  All of these statistics are collected and usually handed back in the form of graphs and percentages.  Employers can see who’s looking at them, who’s looking at their jobs, and how many are interested in their company.  With a few clicks, job seekers are providing involuntary and valuable feedback for recruiters through their smart phone applications.

So, employers, consider this:  if today’s job seekers are using their mobile devices to pay bills, order dinner, and start their cars, there’s a good chance they’ll be using the same device to find or land a new job.  The only question is:  will they find your company there? put together the great info graphic below.  The numbers speak for themselves.





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