Ahhh, the résumé.   Job seekers are constantly tweaking them, and recruiters and employers are usually busy sorting through them.  Today’s résumé can come in many forms but, generally, it is a single piece of paper that is both a snap shot and a road map for your professional career.  One sheet of paper that is unapologetically you–summarized, bullet pointed and laid out for the world (or a recruiter, anyway) to see.

The résumé has come a long way since 1500 when a traveling Lord in England passed out hand-written letters of introduction, being the first to formally call it a “résumé.”  By 1950, the practice of maintaining and circulating a résumé went from a business formality to an expectation.   Later, with the advent of word processing programs in the 1970s, résumés transformed into a more formal style, becoming the blueprint to the format that is still used today.

Once the digital age hit, the résumé began to evolve much more rapidly. Since 2000, we have seen the classic “one-page résumé” morph into everything from infographics to YouTube videos and interactive advertisements.  Speaking of infographics, the one below provided by Rezscore.com pretty much covers the timeline completely.

Job seekers, what are you doing to make your résumé stand out from the stacks?  Are you relying on your experience to do the talking, or are you hoping that creativity points will send yours to the top?  As the competition for desirable positions continues to mount, sprucing up your first impression is undeniably something worth considering.

Employers, do you sometimes feel like finding well qualified applicants is like discovering a needle in the hay stack?  Well, in the same way the résumé has evolved, so has the talent screening process.  Thankfully, services exist today to help time-crunched hiring managers and business owners cut straight to the heart of the applicant pool, allowing them to only focus on narrowing down the top candidates, as opposed to sifting through hundreds of unqualified résumés to find that “needle”.


Just for fun, here are a few examples of some creative “résumés”  floating out there today:

And, a sample interactive résumé:

QR CODE – Content-rich Resume from Victor petit on Vimeo.

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