The holidays are a great time to relax, spend time with family, eat too much, and find a new job.  Yep, I said it, a great time to find a new job.  Even the most tenacious job seekers are tempted to take a break for the season with the assumption that “no one hires this time of year.”  While there are some companies who choose to wait until the new year before deciding on a new hire, there are plenty of companies who want to have decisions in place so that new employees are on board for the start of the year.  With so many seekers retreating for the season, it may actually be a better time to make your application shine.

According to the department of labor statistics, 3.5 million people find jobs in the month of December.  That number may be a bit lower than the January numbers (just above 4 million), but it is still indicative of an active hiring season.  In fact, General Motors announced last week that they just hired 437 employees to begin a second shift rotation in January.  Capital One Financial Corp out of Richmond, VA plans to hire 300 new employees before 2012 for their bank and card operations.

The job market takes no vacations and celebrates no holidays.  Regardless of months of the year or days of the week, there are jobs to be had and jobs to be filled.  From an employer’s point of view, there is a lot to be said for the candidate who holds true to his or her passion and search during a time of year when distraction and is at an all time high.  The candidates you find still in the game so late in the season may be proving something about themselves in that alone. You might find those who stick with the job search through the highs and lows, are simply more resilient and dedicated in all they do.

No time is a bad time to find the job you’ve been looking for or to hire the perfect candidate.  Be it March or December, it is important that both sides strike when the opportunity is hot.

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