Meet Laura.  She knows exactly who she’s looking for.  Her list is not long, but having been refined by years of practice, it’s a solid one.  She’s got priorities and she’s not afraid to use them.

So, just like yesterday, she’ll spend her day today scanning profiles, looking for the perfect fit, confident she’ll find “the one.” She’s dedicated countless hours to her searches and waking up this morning she thought to herself, “today will be the day.” 

Which of the following best describes that passage?  Is it …

A)     The start to a bad romance novel

B)     A shameless stereotype of a single thirty-something

C)     The profile of a happily married Hire EQ recruiter who’s on the hunt for the perfect candidate

Though “A” and “B” were perfectly logical choices, “C” is what we were going for here.  Given this week’s holiday, it seemed only logical that we recognize the parallel between professional recruiting and matchmaking (be it for personal gain or as a professional service).  The principles are the same:  individuals are rated and scored against a list of criteria, a top few will be selected for further screening, some tough decisions are made and, eventually, a final person is selected as the best possible match.

As a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company, we are, in a sense, in the business of matchmaking for businesses.  Our goal is to forge relationships—hopefully long-term ones—between the employers who hire us and the employees we find for them.  We take great pride in bringing the right people together with the right companies, and have a pretty darn good track record of doing it.  And, while we might not be able to help the lovelorn in their searches, we can help you find you your next great employee!


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