Hello!  Are you out there?  Yes, you—the web developer, the front end programmer, the mobile app creator and the HTML5 genius!  Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Based on the incredible demand on the technology industry’s talent pool, I’m guessing that you are already behind desks, cubicle walls, and computer screens somewhere.  That’s not just a guess though; according to the Dice representative we spoke with yesterday, an astonishing 96.8% of you are already employed.  Where does that leave us as recruiters?  It leaves us fighting for the top 10% of the remaining 3.2%–that’s where!

It is a tough position for recruiters and employers to be in, but a potentially lucrative position for said talent to enjoy.

Indeed.com reports that the fastest growing job trends by keyword are as follows (in descending order):

  • HTML5
  • MongoDB
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mobile app
  • Puppet
  • Hadoop
  • jQuery
  • PaaS
  • Social Media

Every single keyword skill relates to jobs in the technology industry.   Indeed goes on to report that the top job titles in June 2012 were:

What it all means

For Technology professionals:

Clearly, your skills are valuable.  You are at a great professional advantage now and for the foreseeable future.  With that though, you will be expected to continually learn and grow with the industry that never sleeps.  For those of you in the 3.2%, make sure your most current resume is available for recruiters to find you online.  If you are actively looking for work, your profile/s should be flagged accordingly.

For employers:

Tech talent knows that they are a hot commodity.  They will be expecting competitive salary and benefits packages.  If your company is trying to get the “best for less” you won’t!  You’ve got to be realistic about the market and what other companies and offers you are contending with.

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