The start of fall is just around the corner.  With the new season will come cooler weather, more school bus traffic, and fewer hours of daylight.  For some employers, it will also mean more hiring.  Why now?  Why fall?  Well, like most things in life, hiring has seasons and cycles and trends accordingly.

According to the seasons of hiring look something like this:

First Quarter:  A New Year’s Wave of Hiring

  • Most key decision makers are present and able to collaborate on hiring decisions.
  • There’s usually a big hiring push after the holidays and start of a new fiscal year (if on a calendar year cycle.)
  • The one time of year that demand usually outweighs the supply of candidates
  • This can also be a good time for people who are currently employed to look for a new position.

Second Quarter:  Gearing Up for Summer

  • For those whose work depends on fair/warm weather, this is your peak hiring season.
  • Construction, Tourism and Hospitality industries see a big boom here.
  • Industries who want professionals to be up to speed by fall will hire in spring.

Third Quarter:  Recruiters Relax a bit, Vacation Affects Hiring

  • Hiring is slower, but so are applications.
  • This could be a great time for typically overlooked candidates to stand out as there is less competition at this point.

Fourth Quarter:  A Rush…A Lull

  • There’s a big rush on the front end after hiring picked up late Q3.
  • Hiring in preparation for the holidays is in full swing.
  • December hiring can be quite low, but some recruiters are determined to fill all vacancies by December 31—this could mean big opportunities are still out there.
  • Fewer applicants roll in during the last few weeks of the year—fortune favoring those who push through and keep the hunt alive through the season.


These trends will often vary by industry and company and, of course, economy, but for larger companies and corporations they generally hold true.  The bottom line is that there is no bad time to apply for a job.

Employers, do you find these seasonal averages to be true for your company?  Job seekers, have you seen any change in the job search changed at different points in the year?

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  1. Interesting to see these seasonal hiring trends. Many may not realize that one of the best times to hire is during the summer:

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