Our History

Hire EQ is a creation of the Vann Group, a professional business advisory firm in Springfield, Massachusetts. Over the years, our clients have asked us to help them find good people. When our clients began to rave about our services, we quickly realized that offering small business recruiting services was a great way to provide value while adding to the bottom line.  We did it so well, one of clients suggested we do recruiting full-time.

In 2009, we formed Hire EQ to help small and mid-size businesses find the right fit and set out on our mission to make sure companies never made a bad hiring decision again.

To fulfill this mission we created a customized hiring process based on our experience in advising companies and by leveraging our best practices and began offering it to our clients.

We have developed two very unique offerings – Single Source for the occasional hire and Constant Source. Constant Source is the first Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model that allows companies to always be searching even when they are not hiring.  This allows us to provide companies a custom hiring solution that fits their unique needs.