Constant Source Recruiting Solutions

An On-Demand, All the Time Approach to Hiring

“The candidate Hire EQ recommended and on-boarded is outstanding. They exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Hire EQ to any employer who is in need of the right person to fill a key and critical position in its organization.”

– Mark Charest, Director of Finance & Administration, Sudekkor, LLC

One of the biggest challenges many small & mid-size businesses face is the variability and frequency of hiring. Hiring is frequent enough that it requires organizational resources to commit to the hiring process, but the variability doesn’t support committing to a full-time effort that requires dedicated staff and the acquisition of expensive sourcing and tracking tools.

What these types of businesses need is a hiring solution that is actively sourcing for qualified candidates but has a recruitment capability that can be turned on and off whenever necessary. Hire EQ’s Constant Source Recruiting Solution is an integrated recruitment model that is designed to do just that.

Creating a Pipeline

Successful hiring requires a strong pool of qualified candidates. To win the battle for talented people, the market demands that companies have access to a deep pool of talent. Hire EQ accomplishes this for companies by creating a two-pronged approach to candidate pipeline development that includes:

  • A custom designed and search engine optimized website that provides:
    1. proactive sourcing by utilizing standing posts for key positions on major job boards
    2. company specific information to educate prospective candidates
    3. fresh custom created company specific content that extends a brand to employment
  • Full engagement and management on the major social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This generates direct communication with candidates, establishes relationships with candidate sources and creates a social presence that shows the Company is engaged.

Managing the Pipeline

A pipeline of dead resumes has no value to a Company. Our model is designed to ensure that candidate information is accurate; that the company is kept in front of the candidate; and that all this data is easily accessible.

  • We nurture the candidate pipeline by staying in front of them with frequent email communication that provides updates on the Company as well as valuable information and resources for their current or future job search.
  • We utilize a leading recruitment CRM for managing all candidate information and activity, ensuring compliance and ease of access to information.
  • We qualify all candidates against company-defined criteria, ensuring that when it comes time to source, the top candidates are easy to find.

Acquiring the Talent

Once a hiring need is identified, our team of Recruitment Specialists springs into action to provide a consultative and completely outsourced recruitment solution. Based on organizational development and recruiting best practices, our focus is on finding not only talented people who have the skill set to do the job but also who have the ability to succeed in your organization.

Our talent acquisition model can be customized to meet each organizations unique needs and our pricing model is designed to be affordable for any companies’ budget.

Download our detailed Presentation if you would like to learn more. Or, contact us today to talk about how we can build a Constant Source Recruitment Solution for your company.