Single Source Recruiting Solutions
An affordable transactional approach to hiring

We needed to fill the position of Production Manager, a new role for our company. Hire EQ made certain they completely understood the requirements of the job and culled the applicant pool down to a handful best suited for the role and our company culture. One year later, our top candidate remains in the job as a very key member of our management team.

– Beverley Smith, HR Manager Acceleron, Inc

When it comes to make one or a couple of hires for key positions, small and mid-size businesses face real challenges in finding a solution that is affordable, doesn’t consume lots of time & energy and finds the right people for who fit their organization.

When it comes to making one or just a few hires for key positions, small and mid-size businesses face real challenges in finding an affordable solution that doesn’t consume lots of time & energy. Our Single Source Model is designed to help companies find talented people who have the skills to do the job but have the intangible qualities to success in the organization.

The benefits of using Hire EQ’s Single Source Solution includes:

  • Affordable – Fixed price structure allows us to place a candidate for significantly less than traditional recruiters and staffing agencies
  • Consultative – we work for you, not the candidate that ensures you get practical and objective advice throughout the entire hiring process.
  • Efficient – Entire recruitment process is web enabled; maximizing technology minimizes the administrative burdens & cost of managing a placement
  • Effective – Process is based on organizational development & recruitment best practices ensuring a candidate is the right fit
  • Time Saving – Process is designed to identify the best candidates for the position thereby eliminating time wasting activities and interviews

Our Single Source Recruiting Solution is an end-to-end service and includes everything from the development of the job descriptions all the way to the management of the Offer & Negotiation process. Our team can also provide on-boarding and coaching services to further ensure the success of the hire.

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