It’s a challenging time to be a professional service provider.

Competitive pressures are impacting revenue and margins. Technology is creating unmanageable client expectations and diminishing the perception of the value of our knowledge and time. To succeed, professional service providers must find new ways to monetize their knowledge and deliver value to their clients.

Professional service firms have two critical elements that can be successfully leveraged to create value. The first is your relationship as a trusted advisor. The second is the deep knowledge of your clients business that you have built up.

I’m looking to hire someone. Can you help?

How many times has your client asked you if you knew someone that might fit a job opening. If you know someone, you likely passed on the information and didn’t get compensated for it. If you didn’t know someone, you missed the opportunity to provide your client with value.

Hire EQ is a private label recruitment solution that does just that.

We’ve developed an outsourced solution that lets professional service firms provide their clients with a value add recruitment offering. We offer two models, a Referral Agreement that provides a profitable but arms-length transaction or a Value Added Reseller Agreement (VAR) that allows you to generate income while providing your client with a value added service they want and need.

Hire EQ is designed to be a win/win for both you and your client.

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